Songs Of The Week: May 25-31

By Jackson Ibelle

Holy Ghost- A$AP Rocky Ft Joe Fox

The leader of the A$AP mob sure has an ear for standout intros. His 2011 hit mixtape Live. Love. A$AP. began with the haunting, bass heavy Palace, which thrust Rocky into the spotlight. Long Live A$AP, his major label debut, started off with the title track, which is a striking transition between in your face verses and a smooth, sung chorus. Tuesday, Rocky released his highly anticipated follow up At Long Last A$AP. True to form, the opener, Holy Ghost, does not disappoint. The hook has a choir like feel to it and religious tones are scattered through Rocky’s lyrics.

“They ask me why I don’t go to church no more

Cause church is the new club and wine is the new bub

And lies is the new drugs”

He claims that both the church and the club are bad influences on people, giving them false hope. The lies and false forgiveness of church are being compared to the drugs and alcohol of the club. This is a new side of A$AP that we haven’t seen before, a theme that continues throughout the album.

L.A.- Ty Dolla $ign Ft Kendrick Lamar

Most of what we have heard so far out of singer Ty Dolla $ign has been club hits and raunchy, pop songs. L.A. shows a more serious side of Ty:

“In the city of the gang bang

Yea we still dying over red and blue strings

Chuck my set up and it feel good

Cause don’t nobody love you more than your neighborhood”

The hometown anthem is brought to life with an unsurprisingly dope verse from Kendrick, who, since his albums release, had been giving guest verses to everyone from Glasses Malone to Taylor Swift. Unfortunately, since the song leaked earlier in the week, it has been taken down from the Internet, citing copyright issues. DJ Busy, from Atlantic records said that it was a demo version, and the official track would be coming later.

Familiar- Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment Ft King Louie & Quavo

I still haven’t decided which is more surprising: That King Louie & Quavo are featured on The Social Experiment’s Surf, or that they fit in with the song. Familiar, which features a bouncy, jazz beat from the Social Experiment and a catchy hook sung by Chance the Rapper, is one of many standout tracks on Surf. The song revolves around the theme of “basic bitches,” with each rapper rhyming about the lack of variety among the girls they meet. While the featured rappers manage to hold their own, the true star is clearly Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment. Each rapper sports a solid verse, and Chance’s chorus is certainly a killer, but the production brings the song together. The original sounding instrumental is the true reason that a Chicago drill rapper and a member of the Migos are able to coexist with Chance the Rapper on Familiar.


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