What We’re Listening To This Week: June 7-13

Jackson Ferrari Ibelle

Who Knows Ft. Chronixx- Protoje

This gem off of Jamaican reggae artist Protoje’s new album, Ancient Future, is sure to be stuck in my car radio this summer. He is assisted by up and coming singer Chronixx who has recently collaborated with Joey Bada$$ and Major Lazer, who provides a catchy chorus.

Who knows, who knows, who knows, who knows

I just go where the trade wind blows

Sending love to my friends and foes

The song is accompanied by a beautiful music video that shows the artists driving around the coast of their home country.

Beautiful Life Ft. Joey Bada$$ & Action Bronson- Statik Selektah

New England’s favorite producer is coming back with another star studded compilation album, Lucky Seven and if this single is any hint, it should be great. Hailing from Lawrence, Massachusetts, Statik’s July 7th release is set to feature Big K.R.I.T., Talib Kweli, Ab-Soul, Royce Da 5’9″ and many more including Action and Joey. Beautiful Life features a soulful horn sample and some expectedly great verses from the two rappers. Bronson is good for two verses of over the top bragging and his trademark name drops

Number 3, John Starks on the jersey

Bitch I’ve been doin this for thirty

But it’s Joey who really shines on the song, continuing his great 2015 in which he released his debut album B4DA$$. He contributes the final verse:

No doubt we gettin’ cash now
Use to be class clown
Don’t worry about beef
I’m feelin’ like a cash cow

Statik Selektah has worked extensively with both artists, even helping them jumpstart their careers years ago. Now the two rappers are paying him back with great verses that will surely add to the producers fan base.

Lithium- Nirvana

In honor of HBO’s chilling documentary on his life, Montage of Heck, we chose one of Kurt Cobain’s early hits off of the album Nevermind. The song’s creepy lyrics begin to make more sense after watching the movie, which offers a unique view into the mind of the troubled singer.

I’m so happy cause today

I found my friends

They’re in my head

Cobain was a national icon, both loved and hated, and his internal struggle did not become completely apparent until after his suicide. Endorsed by his daughter, Francis Bean, the documentary shows the life and struggles with drugs and anxiety of Cobain. It is composed of media footage, and archives of voice recordings, home videos, journals and more, truly digging into the inner thoughts of the singer. If you love music Montage of Heck is a must see.

August Packard

Brunch- Growl 

Growl is a band that I met while playing a house show in Albuquerque, New Mexico this past February. They come from Austin, Texas and they bring a hell of a show with them wherever they go. These guys can write a song that makes you want to dance while simultaneously making you drink to past love and tomorrow morning’s hangover.

The song “Brunch” is no exception. It is a fast paced song with plenty of guitar solos and drum fills, but the lyrics chronicle a somewhat naïve young man who is hopelessly obsessed with a girl.

The opening lines read:

“Standing, in the doorway.

Hoping, like nothing to be seen.”

The narrator is a shy type of guy who seems destined to watch his crush from a distance. This is a common theme in Growl’s music, and their songs often spin a confused web of parties and longing, where the lead singer calmly sings his verses like confessions of the night before.

The chorus goes on to say:

“If I could only love you, you had eleven tattoos,

Your dog is not a pure-bred, you swear you’re not a catholic,

Cuz you know I hate religion, I’m looking for a stand-in,

I’m acting in a sit-com, I’m looking for a side-kick.”

I will admit that this chorus has been stuck in my head since I first saw Growl perform, and I think it is because of both the melodic skill and fluency displayed. This feeling of mild obsession is one that many people, especially myself, can relate to when it comes to meeting someone new, or getting the idea of someone stuck under your skin.

Growl is unique in their ability to make raging music that also speaks to a weakness of the human spirit and its desire for more than just one night of fun.

Check out Growl’s album “Live at the Blue Dream” on their bandcamp via the link below:



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