Providence Pizza Bracket: Day 2

The results for the first round of the Providence Pizza Bracket are in and we are going to go through each matchup to break down the decisions. The places that moved on are in black.

round 1

16) Tomato City VS. 17) NY Pizza

Tomato City- 1041 Douglas Ave


NY Pizza- 1005 Smith St

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 6.29.00 PM

Both places had a wide variety of quality pizza. While Tomato City offered slightly cheaper slices, around $2.00 compared to $3.00 at NY Pizza, the latter’s were much bigger. Both have huge menus and offer both delivery and pizza by the slice. This was a tough one for us but in the end Tomato City won 2 votes to 1.

13) Fellini’s VS. 20) RI Strip Pizza

Fellini’s- 166 Wickenden St


RI Strip Pizza

LaSalle Bakery pizza strips, Providence, Rhode Island

This one was never going to be much of a contest. While strip pizza is a Rhode Island classic in bakeries throughout the state, it can’t compare to pizza from a restaurant. Fellini’s has very good thin crust pizza, with a lot of options. It is a bit on the pricey side but well worth it. Fellini’s wins 3 to 0.

15) Silver Lake Pizza VS. 18) Sicilia’s

Silver Lake Pizza- 180 Pocasset Ave


Sicilia’s- 181 Atwells Ave


Sicilia’s is famous for its stuffed pizza, as seen in the picture on the left. I’ve never been a fan of this style, so we instead ate the regular thin crust slices. Neither place really stood out from the pack. Silver Lake offered incredibly cheap small pizzas but the variety and size of the slices put Sicilia’s on top 2 to 1.

14) Hartford Pizza VS. 19) Big Tony’s

Hartford Pizza- 469 Hartford Ave


Big Tony’s- 525 Eaton St


First of all, yelp reviewers need to stop hating on Big Tony’s, which was somehow the lowest rated pizza place we included. Big Tony’s (the home of the gangsta wrap) offers a large variety of NY style thin crust pizza and delivery until 4 in the morning. Hartford offered cheap pizzas, around $7.00, but it couldn’t really compare to its opponent. Hartford Pizzeria is connected to a small market and is a nice place for cheap pie, but Big Tony’s wins easy, 3 to 0.


Check in later this week for the results of the next round!



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