Providence Pizza Bracket: Day 3

round 2

1) La Broa VS. 16) Tomato City

La Broa Pizza- 925 Broad St

ola broa

Tomato City- 1041 Douglas Ave


Of all the places we tried that I hadn’t previously been to, La Broa was my favorite. Huge NY style slices with plenty of options and lots of cool artwork lining the walls. We were surprised when it got the number one seed, but it certainly lived up to the hype. Tomato City is a tasty and cheap option, but La Broa prevails 3 votes to 0.

8) Piemonte’s VS. 9) Pizza J

Piemonte’s- 114 Doyle Ave


Pizza J- 967 Westminster St


Pizza J is the new pizza place opened up by the popular West End restaurant Julian’s. There was a lot of hype around its opening and I was excited, but I have to admit it was somewhat disappointing. The pizza wasn’t bad but the slices were about $5-$6, which is way too much. It’s a bit more of an upscale restaurant and bar than your typical pizza joint. I did see a NY System weiner pizza on their menu that makes me curious. Piemonte’s on the other hand is solid but not spectacular, but for the price I would take it over Pizza J. We were divided on this one, but Piemonte’s wins 2-1.

4) Antonio’s VS. 13) Fellini’s 

Antonio’s- 256 Thayer St


Fellini’s- 166 Wickenden St


This is unfair; two of the best spots in Providence facing off this early. Fellini’s pizza is some of the best in the city and their combinations like steak and scallion or thanksgiving (featured above) are awesome. Still Antonio’s is going to be tough to beat in this bracket. It may be the most popular place in Providence and has pretty much everything you could ask for. The toppings are endless, and they stay open later than almost any other restaurant on Thayer St. Fellini’s is good, but not quite good enough. Antonio’s wins 2-1.

5) Nice Slice VS. 12) Tommy’s

Nice Slice- 267 Thayer St


Tommy’s- 936 Chalkstone Ave


This is old school vs. new school, as Nice Slice was founded in 2005, while Tommy’s has been on Smith Hill since 1955. This could really come down to preference, because they are very different styles of pizza. Nice Slice has thin crust pizza with popular flavors like BBQ and buffalo chicken. Tommy’s, on the other hand, has Sicilian style pizza, with mainly just the classic toppings. We all really like both, and it feels wrong for Tommy’s to be out this early, but Nice Slice moves on 3-0.

2) Bob and Timmy’s VS. 18) Sicilia’s

Bob and Timmy’s- 32 Spruce St


Sicilia’s- 181 Atwells Ave


The battle of Federal Hill. Wood-grilled vs. stuffed. They are seconds from each other but the pizza couldn’t be more different. This was an easy one for us, however. Bob and Timmy’s 3-0.

7) Coal Fired Pizza VS. 10) Caserta’s

Coal Fired Pizza- 385 Westminster St


Caserta’s- 121 Spruce St


Coal Fired was the only restaurant downtown that we included. It is a sit down place, that is somewhat upscale. The pizza was very good, although small, and they had plenty of options. If you are looking for creative toppings, then don’t go to Caserta’s, but you will be missing out. It is a Rhode Island institution, and the best Sicilian pizza I’ve ever had. Caserta’s 3-0.

3) Providence Pizza Palace VS. 19) Big Tony’s

Providence Pizza Palace- 451 Manton Ave

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 7.16.47 PM

Big Tony’s- 525 Eaton St


The seeds could easily be switched here, although Pizza Palace wasn’t terrible. They have solid pizza at a cheap price. Still, Big Tony’s is a much better option, with more of a variety and continues its cinderella run with a 3-0 victory.

6) Pizzeria Gusto VS. 11) Pizza Gourmet

Pizzeria Gusto- 259 Broadway

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 7.29.18 PM

Pizza Gourmet- 357 Hope St


Both are quality pizza places. While Gusto has greek style pies, Gourmet offers wood grilled. We thought that Gusto was a decent option but Pizza Gourmet was superior. They have a good selection, including cook-it-yourself pizzas, which are pre made and can be brought home to cook at any time. Pizza Gourmet is very underrated and moves on 2-1.


Next week the final four will be revealed!


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