Providence Pizza Bracket: Final Four

final four

1) La Broa VS. 4) Antonio’s

La Broa Pizza- 925 Broad St

Antonio’s- 256 Thayer St

When we started the Pizza Bracket we had never heard of La Broa Pizza but it definitely belongs among the top joints in the city. It’s tough to knock them out here, but in the end Antonio’s could’t be beat. Like I’ve said in previous rounds, Antonio’s is probably the most popular pizza place in Providence, and there’s something to be said for that. The Avocado Quesadilla pizza shown above might be my favorite slice in the city. Still, if you haven’t been to La Broa you are missing out. They’ve only been open for about a year, but have already gotten a following, as shown by having the highest yelp scores. Antonio’s wins 2 votes to 1.

2) Bob and Timmy’s VS. 11) Pizza Gourmet

Bob and Timmy’s- 32 Spruce St


Pizza Gourmet- 357 Hope St


These two restaurants are actually pretty similar. Both do wood-grilled pizza, which is fairly unique in Providence. One major difference is that Pizza Gourmet does pizza by the slice, while Bob and Timmy’s only offers full pies. The latter is also more of a sit down restaurant, although it is a bit cheaper. Pizza Gourmet is an underrated, and high quality option, but Bob and Timmy’s is on to the finals. 2 votes to 1.


There’s only one more round remaining! Check in later this week to find out the champion of the Providence Pizza Bracket.


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