Providence Pizza Bracket: The Champion


4) Antonio’s VS. 2) Bob and Timmy’s

Antonio’s- 256 Thayer St


Bob and Timmy’s- 32 Spruce St


Obviously the final decision wasn’t easy; both places have their pros and cons. Clearly Antonio’s wins when it comes to being customer friendly. They always have what seems like an unlimited variety of slices to choose from. Some of my personal favorites are the avocado quesadilla, honey mustard chicken and spicy chicken pepperoni. Still in the end, the point of the contest is to find who has the best pizza, and we decided that was Bob and Timmy’s. Although they don’t offer pizza by the slice, which is a major downside, the pizza they do have is well worth it. For a sit-down restaurant, the prices of the pies are also very reasonable. If you haven’t been there, you should go and spend a night out on Federal Hill and enjoy Watertrash’s best pizza in Providence.

Food is a very subjective thing to judge, and the three judges were definitely not in agreement. Here are our individual favorites:

Jackson Ibelle

  1. Bob and Timmy’s
  2. Caserta’s
  3. Antonio’s
  4. Nice Slice
  5. La Broa

Adam Young

  1. Caserta’s
  2. La Broa
  3. Fellini’s
  4. Pizza Gourmet
  5. Bob and Timmy’s

Ben Licht

  1. Bob and Timmy’s
  2. Antonio’s
  3. Pizza Gourmet
  4. Nice Slice
  5. Caserta’s


Thank you to everyone who has been reading, we hope that you enjoyed this bracket. If you disagree that Bob and Timmy’s is the best pizza in Providence, tweet me your choice! @j_ferrari23


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