The Risk of Off-Campus Housing

In 2014, the Boston Globe’s Spotlight division published a trio of articles named Shadow Campus, that highlighted the dangers of overcrowding in off-campus housing at schools like Boston University and Northeastern. The combination of careless and sometimes greedy landlords and neglect by city officials to enforce laws cultivated neighborhoods of broken down apartments, jam packed with students at … More The Risk of Off-Campus Housing

Despite Negative Headlines, Basketball Programs A Success

In May, Mayor Jorge Elorza announced that he would be bringing back the midnight basketball leagues as a way to combat the violence that is so often associated with Providence. The league features 24 teams and has games played on Tuesday and Thursday nights across the city at Bucklin, Davey Lopes, Davis and Gano parks. … More Despite Negative Headlines, Basketball Programs A Success

Charleston Shooting Further Exposes Racial Bias In Media

In the wake of Wednesdays tragedy at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, we have once again seen the mainstream medias complete failure in times of crisis. They have disappointed in their coverage of race oriented issues in past years. Fox News seems to do everything they can to pretend racism is not … More Charleston Shooting Further Exposes Racial Bias In Media

When Is Enough?

As individuals in society, we must ask ourselves “When is enough?”, and why are police officers so eager to arrest black people. There is no disputing the video evidence of what took place in McKinney, Texas. The video shows police officer Eric Casebolt using excessive force on a group of black teenagers in order to subdue … More When Is Enough?

Cruel Summer?

By Jackson Ibelle At the beginning of May, released a report of the 100 most dangerous cities in America in 2015 based on the number of violent crimes per 1,000 people. Twelve cities from New England made it on the list, led by New Haven, Connecticut at #36. Noticeably left off of the list: … More Cruel Summer?