Views: Album Review

Before I begin the review, I have to admit that I have always been guilty of being a ‘Drake hater’ even though I do occasionally listen to his music and can’t deny his talent as a rapper and singer. Whether it’s his melodramatic songs, his sudden Toronto Raptors fandom, not writing his lyrics or just … More Views: Album Review

The Risk of Off-Campus Housing

In 2014, the Boston Globe’s Spotlight division published a trio of articles named Shadow Campus, that highlighted the dangers of overcrowding in off-campus housing at schools like Boston University and Northeastern. The combination of careless and sometimes greedy landlords and neglect by city officials to enforce laws cultivated neighborhoods of broken down apartments, jam packed with students at … More The Risk of Off-Campus Housing

Bosh’s Big Decision

Last month, the Miami Heat officially announced that star forward Chris Bosh was out for the remainder of the playoffs. The announcement followed tension between Bosh and the team over whether or not to allow him on the court. Bosh has been out since the all-star break in mid February, with his second blood clot … More Bosh’s Big Decision

Amy: Film Review

In 2003, Amy Winehouse burst onto the music scene with her debut album Frank. It wasn’t until her 2006 album, Back to Black, that she became an international star. Her mass appeal was her once in a generation voice, which was unique to all other artists making music at the time. She never wanted fame … More Amy: Film Review

Despite Negative Headlines, Basketball Programs A Success

In May, Mayor Jorge Elorza announced that he would be bringing back the midnight basketball leagues as a way to combat the violence that is so often associated with Providence. The league features 24 teams and has games played on Tuesday and Thursday nights across the city at Bucklin, Davey Lopes, Davis and Gano parks. … More Despite Negative Headlines, Basketball Programs A Success

Dope: Movie Review

Providing comedy to serious issues can be complicated. One needs to be able to properly convey the importance of the situation while at the same time providing humor. For example one scene in the new film Dope features a kid getting hit by a stray bullet and dying. The narrator (Forest Whitaker) says that the … More Dope: Movie Review

True Detective Season 2 Episode 3: Recap CONTAINS SPOILERS

Last weeks episode of True Detective ended with uncertainty and horror. There is plenty of doubt after the latest episode, but fortunately (or unfortunately for those that crave suspense) no horror in the form of a main character getting potentially murdered. Let’s jump right in: Detective Ray Velcoro: The episode begins focused on a Conway … More True Detective Season 2 Episode 3: Recap CONTAINS SPOILERS